At RAMTeCH, we provide marine seismic data processing services. Our system has inbuilt flexibility to scale the capacity quickly based on internal needs, the market condition, and client demands.

Correct preparation of seismic data before it enters the imaging sequence is not only critical, it is the cornerstone on which the remainder of the processing sequence will be based.

Our Seismic data services include:

  • 2D/3D Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing
  • OBC (Ocean Bottom Cable)
  • Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Reconstruction of Seismic Data from Old Paper/Film Sections
  • Base Map Digitization from Paper Map to UKOOA/ASCII Format
  • WAZ (Wide Azimuth) along with Time Migration for both Pre-stacked and Post-stacked Seismic Data

The RAMTECH Imaging Services group has the technology, expertise, and resources to meet the highest geophysical processing objectives required in today’s quest for hydrocarbons. Our research and development professionals are continually developing new technology and workflows, as well as enhancing existing ones.



RAMTeCH Offices

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