Spatial Enterprise Solutions


Utility organizations are facing increasing challenges as it relates to regulatory compliance, safety, reliability, operational efficiency, customer acquisition and retention, and technology adoption, while working to balance the needs of their customers and providing long-term value to their shareholders.  With advancements in technology and the increasingly complex environment in which the utilities have to operate, it has led to some additional challenges for utilities, which include:

  • Management of utility assets, information, and resources
  • Integration of data, applications, and systems to enable an enterprise operational capability and “view”
  • Alignment of operational workflows and business  processes
  • Data integrity across multiple “silos” of data and information

RAMTeCH remains focused on development of cutting-edge technology, solutions, and capabilities to offer innovative solutions for the entire geospatial lifecycle for utility, telecommunication, and government organizations. Our Enterprise Geospatial Solutions combines deep utility domain expertise, extensive capabilities in information and geospatial technologies, and proven project experience across 100+ utility and telecommunication projects enabling us to deliver unique value and tangible business benefits to our utility customers.

RAMTeCH’s capabilities cover a broad spectrum of geospatial and asset management technologies, with specific expertise in geospatial platforms and technologies, such as Esri, Schneider Electric, GE Smallworld, Integraph,  Synchronoss, AutoDesk, and Bentley.




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