Corelogic Parcel Data

Corelogic’s ParcelPoint data is the largest, most comprehensive commercial parcel boundary database available in the United Corelogic LogoStates. Understanding actual parcel boundaries significantly improves the accuracy of any property location data. ParcelPoint® provides parcel data for 122-million parcels across the United States. ParcelPoint assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to each of these parcel boundaries.  ParcelPoint enables users to access the highest level of positional accuracy for developing location-based solutions, managing assets, maximizing efficiency, and enhancing business analytics.

With ParcelPoint users have access to:

  • Actual parcel boundary
  • Parcel centroid that is defined by actual latitude/longitude
  • APN or Tax ID Number
  • Property Address or SITUS

Other add-on data content includes:

  • Ownership Information
  • Zoning
  • Tax Districts

Unlike other solutions that require you to buy additional software or utilize a proprietary interface, ParcelPoint is platform-independent and has been integrated with NAVTEQ Street products.

Key benefits include:

  • Creates opportunities for whole new location-based services that utilize extremely accurate business and property data.
  • Manages and tracks field assets easier and more accurately.
  • Provides accurate directions for emergency or service personnel.
  • Using parcel boundary data and spatial taxing jurisdiction databases, companies can improve the accuracy of assigning tax jurisdictions.

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