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In the increasingly competitive global market, utility organizations are making significant investments to meet customer demands, lower costs through operational efficiencies, and reduce risk associated with safety and regulatory compliance.   This has led to the proliferation of data assets, IT infrastructure, and diversified business processes within the utility industry.

Infrastructure and enterprise asset data continues to grow and are getting more complex, while serving as the core foundation to most of the utility business systems and processes.   As utilities look to the adoption of advanced technologies, specifically geospatial technologies, to address many of the competitive, operational, and regulatory challenges, the underlying data is a critical component to the successful deployment and use of those technologies. RAMTeCH believes the old saying holds true – “that technology is only as good as the data that supports it.”

Since 1992, RAMTeCH has been providing GIS and CAD data management solutions to the utility, telecommunication, engineering, and local/state government organizations. RAMTeCH brings deep domain expertise and significant experience related to the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of critical enterprise geospatial data along with a proven track record of successful implementation and “first time” data acceptance across all major GIS and CAD platforms. Our data management solutions cover a broad spectrum of services, which include:





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