Intelligent Data Conflation


Intelligent Data Conflation

Corporate and government organizations have an increasing need to deploy integrated, more sophisticated business and geospatial applications (such as work management, GPS, mobile/field technologies, damage prevention, transportation) that require higher levels of spatial (horizontal) accuracy to better meet the demands of their business and regulatory requirements.   Spatial inaccuracies in geospatial data can severely limit how and when these applications can be used across the enterprise thereby diminishing the value and return on investment.

gConflate JPEGRAMTeCH brings a comprehensive solution to our clients to address the need for improved spatial accuracy while leveraging the investment in their existing GIS data. RAMTeCH has a unique and proven data conflation software solution, called gConflate, to spatially re-locate or align existing geospatial data to a more spatially accurate
landbase and street centerline network, including GPS data. RAMTeCH’s gConflate technology and process is a substantially automated solution that offers a unique mechanism to quickly and effectively improve the spatial accuracy of existing geospatial landbase and facility asset data enabling clients to properly deploy and support future applications.

gConflate supports conflation for geospatial GIS data across many industry verticals:

  • Electric & Gas Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable/Broadband
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Land Management




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