Client Engagement Model

RAMTeCH’s engagement model is fundamentally different, from purely lowering cost of resources, to a more balanced, cost effective, value-based approach that meets our client’s business objectives.

Our blended onshore model with a tighter, more integrated senior level team, is the most appropriate sourcing model for technology services that are complex, project oriented, and require greater interaction and alignment with business stakeholders. This integrated model is important in bridging the gap between critical internal resources and offshore teams managing standardized work.

The model in which we engage our clients addresses three critical objectives:

  • Reduce project, program and business risk during transition
  • Ensure integration and alignment between teams
  • Improve productivity, flexibility and leverage technology

RAMTeCH employs a phased, three step engagement process with our clients. Each step is designed to “phase in,” then progressively improve productivity, integration, and risk management.




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