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Utility companies are facing challenging business problems such as:

Aging Infrastructure Intense Regulatory Pressure
Severe Weather Impacting Reliable Service Economic Pressures
Elevated Customer Expectations Changing Energy Grids – Usage and Generation
Managing Smart Systems and Big Data Rapidly Changing Technology
Industry Consolidation – Maintaining Standards Managing Multiple Technology Initiatives

Utility companies are turning to technology to solve these problems. Often, technology becomes the problem. It is not easy keeping pace with the technology trends and best practices when staff is in short supply and time is limited. This is where Utilities turn to experienced consultants like RAMTeCH to help.

The RAMTeCH Professional Services team has an industry leading blend of utility working experience along with diverse technology experience.

This real-world utility working experience is critical when solving business problems with technology. This streamlines communication between business teams and technology teams, enabling effective and time saving technology implementation.

RAMTeCH’s Professional Services team has diverse technology skills and extensive knowledge of best practices. RAMTeCH keeps up with best practices and often innovates to create new trends that become best practices. In addition, RAMTeCH has experience with all the major geospatial technology platforms. Combine this with technology experience in mobile, web, integration, project management, and strategy and you have a winning combination to solve the most complex problems.

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