Asset Management Implementation Services

RAMTeCH offers a full suite of asset management implementation services.  Whether your organization is looking to upgrade a dated platform or implement an asset management solution for the first time, RAMTeCH can manage the project from beginning to end.  Our professional services capabilities cover delivery requirements and configuration services, developing required interfaces and providing system architecture services and process improvement assistance. We work closely with leading software providers to understand the future direction of the industry and the GIS-centric solutions they offer in support of enterprise asset management.

The goal of any strong enterprise asset management strategy is a cost-effective, results-oriented program that considers all facets of the enterprise. Utilities invest regularly in systems such as CIS, GIS, WMS, ERP, and SCADA/DMS all of which asset related data to support daily operations. These systems need to serve collectively as the support structure for functions such as compliance reporting, asset registry, condition assessment, customer service tracking, maintenance planning, work order management, and financial planning.

At RAMTeCH, we believe that enterprise asset management is not a “one-solution-fits-all” proposition. Utilities have different needs, drivers, and technical requirements, which require different technical process improvement solutions. The proper approach is the strategy that is tailored to meet your specific needs and leverages your utility’s existing strengths. And the right approach can deliver significant benefits, namely, a better understanding of existing assets and the ability to use and manage these assets to:

  • Improve process efficiency, workflows, practices, and services
  • Better understand the condition of your assets and improve the integrity of your asset data
  • Develop performance measures and practices that promote improvement
  • Make sound, data-driven business decisions
  • Develop forecasting and CIP strategies based on reliable work, asset, and performance data
  • Build stronger asset and maintenance strategies and practices
  • Increase capability and transparency throughout your organization




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