The Value of Azteca’s Cityworks EAM for Electric and Gas Utilities

EAM for Electric and Gas UtilitiesWritten by Dave DiSera, Vice President of Professional Services, RAMTeCH

January 12, 2017

For electric and gas utilities looking to use their spatial data to enhance their asset management information, Azteca’s Cityworks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution provides a robust solution to both visualize asset relationships leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Platform, as well as perform comprehensive work and asset management analysis.

The integration of ArcGIS with Cityworks allows electric and gas utilities to spatially enable their enterprise asset management programs. Cityworks leverages the GIS functionality to manage, coordinate, and analyze all assets and work management activities across the utility.

What does this mean for your electric or gas utility? The capability allows you to view your utility’s assets on a map to analyze their geographic characteristics.  In addition, you can review, edit, create and complete work orders within maps, as well as use Cityworks functionality to improve your planning and scheduling. The result is more efficient work processes, improved communication and increased information and quality, which ultimately supports stronger work and asset planning and decision making.

Performing Comprehensive AnalysisCityworks Screen Shot
With Cityworks, electric and gas utilities not only can view their assets and work orders on a map, but they also can perform helpful analysis that improves their understanding of cost impacts associated with assets.

As an example, an electric utility may use Cityworks to determine why a particular underground distribution line is costing so much to maintain. By retrieving a list of all emergency-based work orders on the line and analyzing the data, the utility could identify the cause as the underground distribution line’s proximity to a nearby creek that overflows frequently and clay soil composition that shifts during different times of year. Or, through Cityworks, a gas utility could review and plan leak survey route stops on the map and edit those stops to enhance the efficiency of crews performing leak survey inspections and maintenance repair.

Leveraging the Power of Cityworks and ArcGIS for Work and Asset Management
Electric and gas utilities leveraging Azteca’s Cityworks and Esri’s ArcGIS Platform can effectively deploy an EAM program.  By incorporating GIS visualization, the user can easily group assets by location, type, age, or other key parameters. These groupings can then be used to create maintenance activities such as preventive work, reactive work, or inspections.

Cityworks is a cost-effective solution that provides decision makers the information needed to balance risk of asset failure with its consequence. Electric and gas utilities can use condition assessment from the maintenance history and visual inspection to gain insights involving the level of asset deterioration to determine the likelihood of failure.

Electric and gas utilities have long known the benefits of using technology to manage their networks.  The seamless data storage of a geodatabase environment enables network functionality over an entire service territory.  However, today’s economic pressures are demanding extended life from each asset feature.  As a result, managers are dealing with the predictive maintenance of such things as transformers, poles, pull boxes, meters, vaults, and gas values and mains which all require regular inspection, maintenance, and condition assessment.  Cityworks provides utilities the ability to meet these needs with a robust set of electric and gas EAM functionality.

RAMTeCH – Leading the Way in Esri-based Cityworks EAM Implementations
RAMTeCH is an industry leader in providing gas and electric utilities with GIS and EAM implementations that support the operational and business needs of its clients. For more than  24 years, RAMTeCH has worked with its clients on GIS implementations as well as with their asset-driven enterprise work and asset management data. Throughout that time, RAMTeCH has also partnered with clients to provide integrations between GIS and EAM systems to meet specific operational, maintenance, and regulatory needs.

More recently, RAMTeCH has been developing a partnership with Azteca to demonstrate why Cityworks is a leading EAM solution for meeting electric and gas utility work and asset management needs.  Each implementation is unique, as the functionality is configured to meet the clients’ specific business needs. At RAMTeCH, our professionals’ depth of knowledge in GIS and EAM solutions like ArcGIS and Cityworks are second to none.

To learn more about RAMTeCH’s GIS and EAM implementation expertise, contact Dave DiSera at  or 651-342-1780.





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