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Center for Remote Seismic Processing

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The challenge was to develop a remote seismic processing center capable of handling the labor-intensive pre-processing tasks associated with seismic imaging.

The client preferred the use of their proprietary software, and adherence to their specific processes, procedures, and specifications.

In conjunction with the seismic contractor, RAMTeCH had to establish suitable broadband connections to the clients’ servers and devise an onboarding and training program unique to the customer specifications

Our Approach:

  • A key complexity of the program was the onboarding and training of geophysicists to support multiple seismic pre-processing projects. To complete the task, RAMTeCH’s HR, and Management Team worked closely with the seismic contractor. During the early stages of the program the contractor actually participated in the onboarding and training process to ensure the resources were qualified and trained to the contractors’ specifications.
  • Beginning slowly with a proof-of-concept project, RAMTeCH and the contractor worked through the issues normally encountered in the early stages of a program of this magnitude.
  • Following the completion of the highly successful proof of concept, the contractor elected to move forward with multiple seismic projects and in essence declared RAMTeCH as their preferred provider of seismic pre-processing services.
  • RAMTeCH’s proprietary Project Management and Problem and Resolution (PAR) applications are utilized to ensure successful resource management, and quality compliance for the seismic projects.

Client Benefits:

A critical element of the program was to establish a highly efficient, lower cost facility capable of supporting the contractors’ seismic pre-processing needs. The phased approach which included hands on participation by the seismic contractor proved to be a recipe for success. The client now enjoys the benefits of a preferred business partner capable of scaling to meet all their processing needs, and allows them to maintain a smaller staff of key resources dedicated to core tasks.