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Construction Documentation for a leading Architectural Practice.

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The client is a world leading Architectural studio, appointed as the Chief Architect for developing the masterplan and designing the infrastructure for one of the largest estates in Africa. RAMTeCH was appointed to complete a full set of Construction BIM Model along with construction drawings and adhere to key critical delivery schedules, which would assist the developer in progressive construction.

The key element of the project was to strip out the incorrect information from the models and re-populate with the correct families and elements, then bind them together in order to create a correctly modeled, cohesive set of linked models in order to produce the full set of completed working drawings to issue for construction

Our Approach:

  • The first task was involved verification of all the data and drawings received.
  • The 3D modelling process was then started with LOD 300/350 Level of Development. Then simultaneously by reviewing the data/documents, the model was further developed which was further used for estimation, construction coordination as well as clash detection.
  • Post the modelling phase, the coordination process was carried out in the Naviswork Manage. All the clashes in the model were identified and a clash detection report was made and sent to the clients for resolving all the clashes with other project stakeholders
  • By collecting all the specific assemblies that are accurate in terms of their quality, quantity, shape, size, orientation and location, LOD-400 modeling was carried out with complete information on fabrication, assembly as well as detailing.
  • From this model, the shop drawings were then released which in turn were utilized at the various construction sites.

Client Benefits:

A unique model was adopted by RAMTeCH of using BIM360 as a collaboration tool which helped the client in significantly reduce the quality checking time and also allowed both partied to work simultaneously on the model at separate geographic locations. This resulted in significant savings on both cost and time for the client. All critical delivery schedules were met which enabled a streamlined construction at site.