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End to End FTTH Outside Design for Leading Telco Provider

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This project is ongoing and presently RAMTeCH has provided design packages supporting the build of over 250,000 living units across multiple states for one of the major telco service providers in the United States.

Our Approach:

  • By utilizing high level routing information from the client, RAMTeCH creates GIS based pre-field layout maps for use during the walk-out of the areas under design. Least cost pathing is a high priority during this initial layout phase. Identifying paths that efficiently provide the required network, saves significant capital as compared to just following “historical” routes.
  • By utilizing GIS based, digital data capture methods, RAMTeCH personnel gather details from the field and import data directly into the pre-field layout maps. This includes all required measurements, existing aerial, underground and buried infrastructure details, safety issues and captures this data via digital imagery and measurement techniques. Return trips to the field, to verify ambiguous data, are virtually eliminated with this process.
  • Highly trained outside plant engineers use this data to design the GPON network, aligning with client specifications, at multiple RAMTeCH locations.
    • GPON design is completed.
    • Structural calculation, report creation and required applications are completed.
    • Safety issues identified and report for correction.
    • BOM and BOQ creation is completed.
    • All required legacy data input to client systems is completed.
    • Complete QC/QA process is employed through the process including review, in-process, with client.
    • Pre-posting in client’s proprietary records system is completed.
    • Continued support during construction capturing field changes as they happen.
    • Compare and capture as-built changes and perform final posting in client’s proprietary records system is completed.
  • Professional project management personnel and processes guide the project via proactive involvement in the design/build process

Client Benefits:

A critical component of success for this build focuses on single sourcing all elements of the outside plant design of the GPON FTTH networks. Our solution offers efficiency, high utilization of fiber capacity and materials, while creating safe and repeatable designs that equate to notable cost savings. RAMTeCH’s extensive and growing experience in this space allows us recognize issues and resolve them before they become problems.