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Multi-disciplinary BIM Consulting for a Mega Residential Asset.

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The project was a prestigious Greenfield residential asset with 3 basements, podium, ground floor and 18 upper floors.

RAMTeCH was responsible for using the design drawings and establishing the BIM model from scratch. As a part of the BIM consulting scope, Architectural, Structural and MEPF models were to be separately built and finally integrated into a single model at LOD-300, eventually building the model to LOD-400 As- Built construction stage.

Our Approach:

  • To ensure a smooth seamless workflow, a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) was developed and all critical project elements along with milestones were identified and planned. Our scope of work included preparation of a Revit model to LOD 400 and preparing detailed shop drawings along with tags, annotations and extracting the material take-offs for
    • Architectural
    • Structural
    • HVAC
    • Electrical, Telecommunications, TV, Internet
    • Fire Fighting (Protection and Detection)
    • Plumbing and Soil disposal
    • Gas Supply
    • Security and Surveillance system
    • Waterproofing

These include the whole of the building along with its basements, foundation, stilt floors, residential floors (flats and common areas), terrace floor, podium slab attached to the building.

  • On receiving the preliminary design from the client, the base Revit models as per disciplines were created simultaneously. Multiple teams were established to ensure quicker throughput and coordination between different trades was achieved through weekly coordination meetings with the client and other service contractors.
  • The model was developed upto LOD-400 stage and detailed shop drawings were extracted for approval purposes. Based on client and contractor updates, As Built drawings were prepared for construction phase.
  • Onsite project coordinators were deployed to ensure coordination and integration with the client and other contractor teams was seamless and structured.

Client Benefits:

Appointing RAMTeCH as a single, multi trade, BIM consultant for the project, the client ensured project seamlessness and saved time and cost through quicker resolutions for clashes & conflicting trades. Onsite resourcing also helped the client in quick and immediate responses to changes and updates which were time critical.