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Scan to Model for critical Energy Assets.

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The client was engaged to provide an intelligent 3D model of existing storage terminals, which would eventually be used by the owner of the asset to take informed refurbishment and expansion decisions. Using state of the art modelling techniques, RAMTeCH provided the client with a full set of 3D models which were integrated and

The aim of the project was to develop a 3D BIM model from scanned data with mechanical and structural disciplines integrated into a single model. The accuracy of the BIM model was critical to enable the owner manage and upgrade the assets in a phased manner.

Our Approach:

  • The first stage involved checking on all the relevant data received such as inserting the point cloud data into Revit and cross checking the units, levels and origins.
  • The 3D modeling process commenced with a purview of LOD 300/350 Level of Development.
  • Post modelling, the quality check process involved creating sections, plans and 3D views to detect the tolerance between model elements and scan data.
  • Coordination process was carried out using Naviswork Manage. All the clashes in the model were identified and a clash detection report was generated. Based on our past experience and client recommendations, a complete clash resolution was achieved.
  • Once the model was clash free, finishes and material for all elements as per original site conditions were added to make the model photo-realistic. ‘Enscape’ as a software tool was used to check in reality view

Client Benefits:

A high quality, completely clash-free and realistic model was provided to the client as a final deliverable. Significant cost savings were achieved by the end customer on their asset refurbishment & expansion plans.