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Structural Detailing for a leading UK based contractor.

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The project was a highly complex 15,000 Sqm mixed-use development structure. The asset had floating columns at multiple levels due to mixed use scope of building.

In conjunction with the structural contractor, RAMTeCH had to devise unique RCC detailing solutions to cater to the floating columns while ensuring that the structural integrity of the asset remained intact and flexible for future expansions.

Our Approach:

  • A key complexity of the project was more than 80% of columns needed to change column position in order to match upper level floor plan as per Architectural requirements. To add to the complexity, static columns ended at first floor level slab and floating columns were used from first floor level and upwards.
  • Owing to this complexity, a unique approach of transfer floor slab thick with punching shear reinforcement was adopted.
  • Pile foundations were used for this structure. At ground level, pile cap with ground beam was provided and at first floor level, transfer floor slab was provided. For upper floors thick flat slab provided.
  • This approach ensured that the structural integrity of the building was maintained and at the same time floating columns were also catered for.
  • Being a fast paced and design-build project, 24/7 service was provided to the client. The lead team was aligned with UK time-zone to ensure real time collaboration with the client and ready resolution of coordination issues.

Client Benefits:

A critical element of the project was to ensure a fast paced solution for the floating columns. RAMTeCH aligned dedicated SMEs leading detailing teams to ensure that timely solution was provided to the client. This ensured material procurement at site was accurate, coordinated and prevented any material wastage.