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Strategic solutions for Telcos, MSOs, Wireless, E-Coops, Investor-Owned Electric Utilities, and Municipalities

Engineering Services

Our practice is focused on providing engineering designs that derive the most value for our client’s construction/build and material consumption goals. With an eye on high gain planning and design methods, safe construction practices and efficient, buildable deliverables our solutions optimize our client’s valuable capital and highly regarded human resources.

With the addition of geographically specific walk-out capabilities we can provide responsive support and end-to-end telecom network solutions. This geospatial technology is employed to capture field data quickly and accurately while moving the data digitally into our virtual desktop design environment. This evolving practice produces very accurate accumulation of field data while minimizing lost time in the field.

Our virtual drafting team is proficient in practice with recognized CADD/GIS software systems. Our highly skilled team operates with the latest versions of these platforms and has demonstrated success with the management and storage of facility records and data.

Network Planning

  • Broadband Feasibility Assessment
  • COAX and Fiber Route Planning
  • PON – All Technologies
  • Hybrid Fiber COAX

Design and Drafting Service

  • FTTx
  • MxU
  • HFC DOCSIS 3.0 – 4.0
  • Fiber Deep
  • Wi-Fi/Small Cell/DAS/Smart Pole
  • Data Center, CO, or Head-End
  • Wireless Site Upgrades
  • Fiber Backhaul and Long Route
  • Smart Pole Layout
  • Work Order/As-Built Posting
  • SCADA Network Fiber Design

Outside Plant Engineering Support

  • Walk-out/Data Collection/Fielding Services
  • End-to-End Project Management
  • Records and Backlog Posting
  • Pole Line Analysis, Make-Ready, and Loading
  • O-Calc Pro ™– EZ Load ™– SPIDACalc ™
  • Traffic Control, DOT, RR, ROW permitting, etc.
  • Apparatus and Equipment Sites
  • Buried/UG Infrastructure

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